SEW-Eurodrive is a German manufacturing company founded by Christian Pähr in 1931 as SüddeutscheElektromotorenWerke. Today, it is an international organization that manufactures geared motors, frequency inverters and servo drives employing over 15,000 people worldwide with annual sales in excess of €2.4 billion.[citation needed]

Based in Bruchsal in Southern Germany they have manufacturing assembly and service centres throughout the world. SEW Are leaders in decentralised control technology, with products such as Movimot, Movigear, Moviswitch, and Movitrans. In addition they have moved into the large industrial gearbox market with their range of helical, bevel helical, and planetary gearboxes.

A further development sees their 30-year-old DT/DV range of motors being replaced by the new DR range of motors which are designed with future efficiency standards in mind. The new DR range complies in full with EuP Lot 11 which will be the new compulsory European efficiency standard to replace the existing voluntary agreement in 2011.[1]

SEW-Eurodrive made its mark in the industry by making the motor and gearbox integral or monolithic. By bypassing the constraints of what is considered mutually exclusive, total optimization is possible, thus allowing far higher service lives when compared to "industry standards".[citation needed]

SEW initially produced motors until 1945 when the Allied Strategic Command bombed Bruchsal into rubble. After Germany's surrender the company became an entity of the US—via the Marshall Plan. When this was concluded in 1948 the company was returned to its owners, the Blickles. At this point gear motors became its product and expertise.





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